Skin Treatment

Skin Care Treatment

Though skin is the outermost covering of our body its main function is protection of our body but do you know that this is the largest organ we have that consists of hair , nails , sweat and oil glands. It continues to breathe , secretes oils , excretes out toxins and waste from body through sweat, protects body from bacteria , chemicals and temperatures.

A healthy skin reflects not only beauty but also internal wellness of a person.

There are number of factors externally responsible for skin complaints like bacterial , fungal, too much use of chemicals in form of cosmetics and sun exposure , these external factors many a time gives boils, acne, pimples , rashes , itching , pigmentations , darkening of skin. Sometimes many of skin complaints causes are not external but its outward reflection of internally affection of organs such as liver affections, blood deficiencies, PCOD, menstrual disturbances , allergic reaction, hormonal disturbances , autoimmune disorders , these causes may give rise to acne, eczema , psoriasis , vitiligo , urticarial rashes , Lichen planus , Melasma.

Proper and detailed diagnosis of such condition with detailed and precise case investigation then application of individualized homoeopathic medicine and skin care routine will not only eliminate the outer manifestation of disease but also correct and heal internal affection of body so give a complete relief of your complaints